Stylist Offers Beauty & Health Tips

Kim Goddard, stylist at Antonine Village

Kim Goddard,
stylist at Antonine Village

No matter how old a person may be, a visit to the hair stylist can often provide an energetic lift, according to stylist Kim Goddard.

“I want people to feel energized and a trip to the stylist can do just that,” Kim said. “I don’t want anyone to ever feel they’re limited. They’re not – at any age.”

In her 33 years as a stylist, Kim has worked with clients from every age group. She started at Antonine Village in late 2014. She is on-site two days a week, where she provides a variety of perms, sets, haircuts, color treatments and more.

Her clients at Antonine Village find their visits uplifting.

“I strive for everyone to look the best they can at any age,” Kim said.

Kim also has a salon in Boardman, Salon Armeni at 850 Boardman-Canfield Road.

Here are some tips she offers for older adults or those assisting them:

Consider hair color. Color can brighten up any grey day for women. Try a rinse at first, then gradually add lowlights to keep a youthful look.

Keep eyebrows trimmed, as well as nose and ear hair.

Use makeup to play up one or two facial features. A brighter lip can liven up a woman’s face. A little color on the cheeks and eyelids can add warmth to complexion.

Relax with a hand massage. This is a great way to get blood flowing and relieve tension for both men and women.

Eat leafy greens. This is important to promote an excretion of toxins to stay healthy.

Enjoy cinnamon. A little of it with each meal can lower blood sugar.